Letter from Alumni Board Chair Bob Hoel

A new academic year always brings a bustling energy like no other across the entire university. It’s a rejuvenating and inspirational feeling that is familiar to each of us Scarlet Hawks—one that comes with a true sense of excitement knowing that, at our university, cutting-edge innovations are being developed into breakthroughs that will change life as we know it. That is the difference we power.

The Illinois Tech Alumni Association fosters lifelong connections—regardless of generation—through our unified mission to harness the power of collective difference to advance technology and innovation for all.

In the spring, we celebrated the class of 2023 at our 154th Commencement Ceremony. What an honor it was to witness 2,231 graduates make the pivotal transition from “alumni in training” to officially join a robust network of more than 80,000 alumni. I am excited to watch this generation of Scarlet Hawks leave its mark on the world and witness its contribution to the betterment of our society, just as the other talented thinkers, doers, and innovators who preceded them have.

We also relaunched our regional event programming last year to reconnect with the thousands of alumni who play a vital role in allowing our opportunity engine to stay in motion. We have hosted so many of these wonderful events, and are looking forward to future convenings where we have the opportunity to mingle and celebrate the inspiring achievements of our alumni. Please stay tuned to www.iit.edu/alumni/events/regional  to see when we will be in your area!

The strength of the university is a direct representation of the unwavering support of our alumni, who are committed to advancing innovation through today’s students. Our world is constantly calling for new and different ways of thinking, and Illinois Tech continues to produce talented professionals who put in the hard work to answer that call. 

In a climate where universities are struggling to fill seats in classrooms and enroll students, Illinois Tech is doing just the opposite. We are breaking record numbers for enrollment across all disciplines, further demonstrating that we are an educational force and global leader in inclusive innovation.

The university is perfectly positioned to continue to empower top-performing students by providing them with a tech-focused education that will allow them to excel in any endeavor they choose. As alumni, we must continue to champion today’s students as we pass the baton to each of them to uphold the storied legacy of Illinois Tech difference makers.

The difference we power at Illinois Tech tomorrow is tied to the support we provide students today—whether that be time, talent, or treasure. It is more important than ever that we—as a university and its alumni community—step up to build upon our founding purpose. It is critical that we recognize the role that Illinois Tech played in our lives so that we can lead the charge for the generations to come.

Bob Hoel (BE ’70)
Trustee, Board of Trustees
Chair, Alumni Association Board of Directors