The Spirit of a Building

At the 2016 groundbreaking for the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship, many of the supporters wore red to show their pride in the university. A key group of alumni and friends went further, responding to an $11 million challenge grant from Ed Kaplan (ME ’65) to establish the Kaplan Institute.

Some of the donors who provided funding during the building’s early stages share their thoughts on innovation and what the Kaplan Institute means to them.

Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship
Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship
Innovation is a product, process, or system that changes the way we think, the way we work, the way we play, and the way we communicate. It is an achievement not just an idea; it changes the way people operate.
Former President John L. Anderson
John & Pat Anderson’s Café
The Kaplan Institute—and Ed Kaplan’s vision—are a brilliant continuation of the fundamental philosophy of Illinois Institute of Technology.
Martin “Marty” Cooper (EE ’50, M.S. ’57)
Martin Cooper & Arlene Harris Suite
Innovation means to me the creation of something new or taking something that is old and turning it into something that is more relevant or more applicable to what goes on in our everyday lives.
Steve Crown
Crown Family Studio
Innovation is the ability to see things that others can’t see and see opportunities that others have missed, and the ability to confirm that there might be a market need for a good or a service.
Craig Duchossois
Janet & Craig Duchossois Idea Shop
Innovation is all about possibilities, all about taking people elsewhere, imaging and accomplishing things that people said could never be done.
Michael Paul Galvin (LAW ’78)
Michael Paul Galvin Studio
Innovation is thinking out of the box and going over and above what one would normally do, tying into ideas with other people from different vocations to make a better world for everybody.
Arthur Hill (CHE ’71)
George Milton and Emily Schöen Hill Courtyard
The Kaplan Institute was specifically formed to enable innovation that offers new solutions through reinvention and disruption as part of the unique Illinois Tech experience.
Joel D. Krauss (MATH ’71)
Joel D. Krauss & Sophia Sieczkowski Classroom
All great innovation comes from collaboration and teamwork.
Alan “Bud” Wendorf (ME ’71)
Alan & Suzanne Wendorf Lounge
Innovation is all about business today; business cannot exist without innovative people.
Walter Nathan (ME ’44)
Walter & Ann Nathan Faculty Hall
Innovation is about thinking outside the box and finding solutions that are not obvious.
Madhavan Nayar (M.S. IE ’68)
Nayar Family Gallery
Innovation means improving things. Enough small improvements can end up being a big improvement. There’s a lot of room for doing small things that will eventually add up.
Ralph Wanger
Ralph Wanger Team Workspace
Innovation is more than making things. Hopefully, through the university’s resources and the focuses that we have, we can redefine innovation, especially innovation in technical education.
Victor Morgenstern (CHE ’64)
The Victor Morgenstern Pitch and the Morgenstern Family Courtyard