Edward Horn
EE ’40
Hot Spring Village, Ark.

Gerald Golden
ME ’43
Lac Du Flambeau, Wis.

Albert Wiltjer
ME ’44
Sedalia, Mo.

Stanley Cervenka
ME ’45
Burien, Wash.

Robert Lichtmann
CHE ’45
Riverside, Calif.

Lester Mandelstein
FPE ’45
Wilmette, Ill.

Theodore Shapin
EE ’48
Orange, Calif.

Warren Sommers
EE ’48
West Hartford, Conn.

George Andrews
ME ’49, M.S. ’54
Los Angeles

Lawrence Berg
IE ’49
Naperville, Ill.

L. Charles Gutberlet
CHEM ’50
Wheaton, Ill.

Otto Hausknecht
CHE ’50

Victor Kaufman
ARCH ’50
Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Edward Lever
MET ’50
Naples, Fla.

Melvin Orloff
IE ’50
Mokena, Ill.

Donald Ward
EE ’50
Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Marshall Appel
IE ’51
Granada Hills, Calif.

George Aravosis
ME ’51
Elmhurst, Ill.

Leonard Bloomquist
EE ’51
Merritt Island, Fla.

Donald Perreault
EE ’51
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Jack Summers
CE ’51
Orland Park, Ill.

Alfons Weber
PHYS ’51, M.S. ’53, Ph.D. ’56
Gaithersburg, Md.

Raymond Reip
ME ’52
Clarendon Hills, Ill.

Henry Berolzheimer
IE ’53
Forest Hills, N.Y.

Carl Grant
FPE ’54
Des Moines, Iowa

Maurice Webster
DSGN ’54, M.S. MT ’70
Santa Fe, N.M.

Harry Westhaus
FPE ’56
Livonia, Mich.

Edward Godbersen
PSYC ’57
Eugene, Ore.

Curtis Parker
LAW ’57
Glenview, Ill.

Gunars Bilsens
EE ’58, M.S. ’60
Scottsdale, Ariz.

John Trytko
IE ’58
South Bend, Ind.

Charles Fox
PHYS ’59
Redmond, Wash.

Robert Overmyer
M.S. PHYS ’59
Brandenton, Fla.

Allen Shiner
ME ’59

Alan Schwaighart
ME ’60
Crest Hill, Ill.

Lawrence Rice
UNK ’61
Gilbert, Ariz.

Donald Farquhar
ME ’62
Villa Park, Ill.

Robert Flowers
PHYS ’62, MATH ’66
Ballwin, Mo.

Jack Goodin
IE ’62
Hoffman Estates, Ill.

George Grady
FPE ’62
Cuba, Mo.

Richard Lee
ME ’63
Clearwater, Fla.




Al Sicherman, EE ’63, Minneapolis, was a notable food writer, author, and humorist who had worked at what is now the Minneapolis Star Tribune for nearly 40 years. After a short career in electrical engineering, he studied journalism and obtained his first job in the field as a copy editor in 1968. Besides writing regular columns and food articles, Sicherman authored the books Caramel Knowledge and Uncle Al’s Geezer Salad.

Ralph Wilson
ME ’63
Fort Atkinson, Wis.

James Tait
CE ’64
Doylestown, Penn.

Ronald Bridge
ME ’65

George Kaminski
FPE ’67
Woodridge, Ill.

Daniel Mahoney
EE ’67
Watertown, Conn.




Milton Gordon, Ph.D. MATH ’68, Santa Ana, Calif., fourth president of California State University, Fullerton, was the longest-serving president in the history of the Fullerton campus. During Gordon’s more than 21-year tenure, the student body grew from 25,600 to greater than 36,000, and the number of academic degree programs increased from 91 to 104. The Fullerton campus also became more diverse. In 1990 students of color comprised 31 percent; when Gordon retired 12 years later that number had risen to 57 percent. The university also underwent its most ambitious construction period, adding 22 buildings during his tenure. Before joining CSU in 1990, Gordon held administrative and academic positions at several institutions of higher learning, including Sonoma State University, Loyola University Chicago, and Illinois Tech, where he served as a mathematics instructor.

Thomas Russel
EE ’69
Norfolk, Va.

Robert Cline
M.S. PSYC ’70
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Shyamnarayan Dixit
M.S. CHE ’70, Ph.D. ENVE ’76
Clearwater, Fla.

James Hendricks
BE ’70
Kankakee, Ill.

Arthur Kleist
DSGN ’70
Jensen Beach, Fla.

Michael Henshaw
LAW ’71
Harrisburg, Ill.

David Steffensen
MATH ’71
The Villages, Fla.

Stuart Thomas
M.S. PHOT ’71
Farmingdale, N.J.

Michael Logan
M.A.S. PA ’72

R. Ben Perkins
LAW ’72
Richmond, Va.

John Bloniarz
MAE ’74
Schaumburg, Ill.

Donald Dybowski
CHE ’75
Sylvania, Ohio

Philip Hartmann
EE ’75, M.S. ’77
Boulder, Colo.

George Maniatis
M.S. DSGN ’75

James Dakuras
SOC ’77

Judy Koster
LAW ’78
Northbrook, Ill.

Jack Vaughn
CE ’79
Centennial, Colo.

Sheldon Rubin
LAW ’80
Eugene, Ore.

Cesare Chiaradonna
EE ’82

Jerome Dintenfass
M.S. CS ’84
Greensboro, N.C.

Dean Westbrook
PS ’85

Kevin Estrada
ARCH ’90
New York

Wendy Schauer Landwehr
M.S. CS ’90
Arlington Heights, Ill.

Sharon Prayor
LAW ’91

Andrea Mastro Hoinacki
LAW ’96
New York




Rebecca Payne (née Trump), M.Des. ’98, Brooklyn, N.Y., was considered a trailblazer of human-centered design in product and service innovation. After graduating from the Institute of Design, she worked for several years as a designer and researcher at IDEO, then co-founded the design firms Tenka (2000) and Nest (2004). Additionally, Payne helped to establish a design group within the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Department of Strategy and Innovation. Payne also worked with design students in the graduate programs at New York University and the School of Visual Arts, and at PS 58, her children’s elementary school.

Michael McCullar, ME ’00, Houston, devoted his life to his faith, his family, and innovation. While at Illinois Tech, McCullar met his future wife, Angelina Houston (ARCH ’02), and joined the United States Air Force ROTC. After graduation, he continued in the officer corps and was honorably discharged as a captain in 2005. McCullar held positions at Logik Research, GeoControl Systems, and NASA Johnson Space Center before founding ExoPlanet Technologies in 2014. He was also working on his dream to design and build Macho Mengi, a unique space telescope system. Active in First New Hope Bible Church, McCullar also hosted the weekly radio show “Eyes of the Universe” on the Bridge of Light radio broadcast.

Jolynne Andal
Ph.D. PSYC ’01
Lincolnwood, Ill.

Amy Royer
M.S. REHB ’04
Sewickley, Penn.

Lucas Daniel
M.Des. ’05
Riverside, Ill.

Mathew Devendorf
ARCH ’12
Highland Park, Ill.



Robert Benson

Abel Hayes
Kansas City, Mo.


Jolynne Andal
Ph.D. PSYC ’01
Lincolnwood, Ill.