Slideshow: Winter on IIT Main Campus

Winter Companion
A snowman joins George Segal’s Man on a Bench, the first piece of public sculpture displayed outdoors at IIT.

Azure skies pair with a covering of snow to light up Main Campus in the unique way that only winter can. With foliage on winter break, the buildings and other campus structures take center stage. The Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-designed Main Campus recently earned the No. 2 spot on Chicago Magazine’s list of Top 40 Artistic Breakthroughs in Chicago history.

All photos by Bonnie Robinson

Hermann Hall Colors
Red branches against the windows of Hermann Hall provide a subtle yet pleasant contrast of color.
Lengthening Shadows
A bright midday sun encourages walkers on Footlik Lane on Main Campus.
Geometric Igloo
The hollow, metal polyhedron sculptureS. O. O. by Lincoln Schatz is located on the lawn just west of the Engineering I Building.
Scarlet Highlights
Although many of the deciduous trees on Main Campus are bare, exceptions can be found.
Wall of Gold and White
The white panes of The McCormick Tribune Campus Center seem an extension of the snow-covered lawn.
A Crown in the Sun
Bare winter trees are reflected in the entranceway to Mies van der Rohe’s
S. R. Crown Hall, home of IIT College of Architecture and a National Historic Landmark.
Shining Sculpture
The sheen of David Noguchi’sLuminescence sculpture, on temporary display outside The McCormick Tribune Campus Center, complements the metallic Exelon Tube “El” tunnel.
Migratory Visitors
Canada geese find a green and sunny patch outside Paul V. Galvin Library.
Space to Spread Out
The sidewalk outside the Helmut Jahn-designed State Street Village offers a lone walker plenty of room.