Associate Professor Weslynne Ashton

“I think apps are a really important way to connect how consumers are currently accessing information with the behavior change that needs to happen to develop food waste solutions.”

—Associate Professor Weslynne Ashton discussing an app that helps cut down on food waste on Chicago television station Fox 32

“I do expect to see a lot of attempts made to criminalize or otherwise burden travel for purposes of getting an abortion, and I expect to see a lot of litigation over those things.”

—Assistant Professor of Law Noah Smith-Drelich discussing how states may try to restrict traveling out of state to get an abortion on Chicago’s WTTW

Associate Professor of History Mar Hicks

“Historically, claims like these often originate from groups of people with a significant amount of power and privilege already, who are seeking to reconsolidate and enhance that power in a new realm.”

—Associate Professor of History Mar Hicks discussing, in MIT Technology Review, how the crypto industry hasn’t yet lived up to its democratizing promises