Hitting the Bull’s Eye

Hitting the Bull’s Eye
Photo: Courtesy of Hackstudio

Beta program participant Michelle Kokes found her creative space at Hackstudio as both a bowyer and a fletcher—a maker of a bow and an arrow—who even cut down her own tree. Kokes began her project before coming to Hackstudio but was able to finish it with the help of Hackstudio’s supportive community:

“For about six months I searched high andlow for the right sapling and during this time broke four almost-complete bows. My passion for success came with each failure I had to overcome; on my last bow I could sense it the one. When my arrow was finally launched by my bow, it was as if the whole Hackstudio group had just succeeded.

I learned about myself as a person, understanding the meaning of support and failure, and how setbacks come before growth. I also learned about the value of sharing knowledge I’ve acquired with others. That’s one of the great things about
the sense of togetherness at Hack—it allows you to help others and to be helped, and always connect with people, no matter how different the projects may be.”