Slideshow: Spring Has Sprung at S. R. Crown Hall

By Marcia Faye
S. R. Crown Hall
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s S. R. Crown Hall is a Chicago Landmark, a National Historic Landmark, and on the National Register of Historic Places. The iconic building is also home to IIT College of Architecture, a classroom for studio projects, and a showcase for student exhibits at the annual spring Open House.
Photo by Dan Kasberger
Studio Learning
Second-year students generate ideas and develop their graphics skills in studio.
Photo by Michael Goss
Resort Retreat
Adjunct Associate Professor John DeSalvo and Maria Villareal Canales (ARCH 4th year), a visiting student from Mexico, discuss her model for a new resort hotel and yoga retreat for the Coconut Grove district of Miami.
Photo by Michael Goss
Pavilion Possibility
Karolina Gorz (ARCH 2nd year) explores the potential of the wood frame as a structural lattice for an Educational Pavilion at Northerly Island in a project with Studio Associate Professor Timothy Brown and Adjunct Assistant Professor Casimir Kujawa.
Photo by Michael Goss
Northern Lights Observatory
Second-year architecture student Myles Peña exhibits his basswood design of an aurora borealis observatory for a steeply sloped rural site in Finland. The openings in the form create a shaft of light that runs longitudinally through the building.
Photo by Michael Goss
Desert Landscaping
Collin Janecek (ARCH 4th year) adjusts the landscaping that is part of his model for the Tucson Environmental Center, a project he worked on with Adjunct Associate Professor Karla Sierralta.
Photo by Bonnie Robinson
Environmental Model
Fourth-year architecture student Daniel Craven with his contribution to the Tucson Environmental Center project.
Photo by Bonnie Robinson
Colorful Columns
In a color installation project coordinated by Paul Pettigrew and Kathleen Nagle, studio associate professors, first-year architecture students select a work of art from the Art Institute of Chicago and explore color manipulation through the use of reflected light.
Photo by Bonnie Robinson
Color Configurations
More color manipulation ideas from first-year architecture students.
Photo by Bonnie Robinson
Cardboard Chairs
Chairs from the IIT College of Architecture permanent collection inspire first-year students to design similar chairs from cardboard, in a project coordinated by faculty members Paul Pettigrew and Kathleen Nagle.
Photo by Bonnie Robinson