Illinois Tech Headliners

Maurice Dawson

“That‘s one of the things you need to verify, who are you actually talking to? Is it a legitimate organization? A number of organizations will have their numbers publicly online so you can say, ‘I will contact you back. Please give me your name, your ID number, and I will contact you back,‘ just to make sure that it’s a legitimate organization. Organizations will be OK with that.”

Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Management Maurice Dawson on WBEZ’s Reset program during a discussion about how to outsmart phishers and scammers

“This could mean some real accountability for companies that aren’t taking care of their workers and are creating inequitable work environments where women and gender minorities are kept at the margins and abused.”

—Associate Professor of Digital Humanities and Media Studies Carly Kocurek in the New York Times in the wake of employees walking out at video game maker Activision Blizzard after a lawsuit was filed by the State of California alleging workplace behavior issues

Indika Edirisinghe

“We don’t know how long immunity lasts if you’re vaccinated, and we don’t know how long immunity lasts if you’ve been infected. Understanding reinfection is important as we get back to normal life.”

Professor of Food Science and Nutrition Indika Edirisinghe on WTTW discussing COVID-19 immunity, and the new nationwide study he’s participating in to better understand