New Meaning to Eating Out in Style

By Andrew Connor
Daniel Allen
Jeisson Rodriguez-Arias
Architecture students Daniel Allen [top photo] and Jeisson Rodriguez-Arias
Photos: David Ettinger

Diners at the Original Soul Vegetarian restaurant in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood enjoyed eating out in style and in socially distanced safety this summer in a prototype pavilion-style shelter built by College of Architecture Adjunct Professor Vladimir Radutny and his fourth-year students Daniel Allen and Jeisson Rodriguez-Arias. The trio took part in a city task force co-founded by College of Architecture Board of Advisors member Mark Sexton (ARCH ’80) that is working to provide new infrastructures and resources to West Side and South Side businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides the restaurant shelter, smaller dining shelters called “Nests” were built and erected along the 75th Street business district. Sang-hyo Kim (ARCH ’19) and Boram Oh (ARCH ’20) of Krueck Sexton Partners both contributed to the Nest project.