Slideshow: Spring on IIT Main Campus

Education on Display
Architecture student projects are showcased outside S. R. Crown Hall.
Each season of the year brings its own fresh look and feel to Main Campus. The spring bids farewell to the academic year and greets a lush array of colors, new visitors to IIT, and quiet months of renewal. The Mies van der Rohe-designed campus has received many awards and honors, most recently earning the No. 2 spot on Chicago Magazine's list of Top 40 Artistic Breakthroughs in Chicago’s history.

All photos by Bonnie Robinson

Outside the Box
Part of IIT’s flagship Perfect Power smart grid, the control box outside Siegel Hall houses SEL 351 relays and fiber-optic communication gear that serve as the “brains” behind IIT’s high-reliability distribution system.
Check Mate!
Students wind down after finals with a jumbo-sized game of chess outside The McCormick Tribune Campus Center.
Making a Splash
The fountain outside Perlstein Hall comes out of its winter hibernation.
Walls Come Alive
In the spring, ivy adds a new dimension to the facade of Hermann Hall.
Hamming It Up
A group of young campus visitors snaps photos of Morton Park’s stone-faced watchman: Man on a Bench.
Reviving an Icon
Main Building, the oldest standing structure on Main Campus, readies itself for further renovations.
New Artery to IIT
This May, construction officially began on a new Metra stop, which will be located at 35th and LaSalle streets on the southwest side of Main Campus.
Green All Over
A quiet patio tucked between The McCormick Tribute Campus Center and the Commons welcomes the broad swath of green that takes over Main Campus in the spring.