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Cotton Gin

“Had it not been for the invention of the cotton gin, it is likely that slavery would’ve been abolished more quickly instead of massively expanding in the way that it did, in a relatively short period of time.”

Associate Professor of History Mar Hicks, Lewis College of Science and Letters, in the article “What Technology Has Accidentally Killed the Most People?” on the website Gizmodo


Systemic Racism

“In my recent ethnographic study, ‘Predatory Cities,’ I explain how systemic racism, corporate malfeasance, economic decline, political instability, and poor federal and state level funding opened the door to predation in Detroit.”


Professor of Law Bernadette Atuahene in her June 11 New York Times “Opinion” piece, “The Scandal of the Predatory City,” on local governments’ taxation of vulnerable citizens


“I always say there’s a terrible irony of mental illness and physical illness. It’s hard enough dealing with the symptoms, but on top of that, you’re supposed to deal with the blame and the shame of the whole thing.”

Distinguished Professor of Psychology Patrick Corrigan in an interview on Iowa Public Radio about stigma and COVID-19