Illinois Tech Headliners

Bill Lidinsky

“There have been a lot of people let out of jail after many years...because of some evidence that was refuted later on.”

Industry Professor Bill Lidinsky, director of the Cyber Forensics and Security Lab, in an Al Jazeera article about the falsification of thousands of cases of drug testing in Massachusetts

“The pipeline is not the problem; the meritocracy is the problem.”

Marie Hicks, assistant professor of history, in The Guardian, about gender inequality in front-end vs. back-end jobs in the tech sector

William Birdthistle

“I wish we didn’t need state solutions to what is a nationwide problem of far too few Americans having access to a prudent and affordable savings plan.”

William Birdthistle, professor of law, in a Washington Post column about Republican attempts to prohibit states from creating retirement plans for private-sector employees

“Mies appreciated the idea that if he and his colleagues could get it right, they could have an impact on architecture for thousands of years, equivalent to the way the Greek, Egyptian, and Roman builders had had an impact on architecture for thousands of years.”

Professor Emeritus of Architectural History Kevin Harrington, interviewed with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s grandson, Dirk Lohan, in a video featured through the Decades web-based programming network