Letters to the Editor

Rowine T Brown
Rowine Hayes Brown Truitt (LAW ’61)
Photo courtesy of the IIT Archives

Fond Remembrance

I thoroughly enjoyed your article about Rowine Hayes Brown Truitt on page 17 of the spring 2015 issue of IIT Magazine. Beyond being an amazingly accomplished professional, she was blessed with charm and wit, hinted at by the twinkle in her eye in the photo. Thank you for the article and for producing a consistently interesting and enjoyable magazine.

Craig C. Truitt
LAW ’92

Editor’s Note:
Attorney Craig C. Truitt is the grandson of Rowine Hayes Brown Truitt (LAW ’61).

Engineer as the Mikado

The letter on page 2 [of the spring 2015 issue of IIT Magazine], “Carr Chapel Memory,” is interesting.

That was not a high school across the street—it was VanderCook College of Music. The choir director and head of VanderCook was H. E. Nutt, who was very involved with IIT. When I decided to go to graduate school in September 1963, Nutt saw me walking in Hermann Hall and roped me into singing the part of the Mikado in a presentation of The Mikado that he was directing. Fortunately, the title role was not the premier role, so I managed.

Richard A. “Dick” Gregory
EE ’61, M.S. ’64