Letter from Alumni Board Chair Bob Hoel

It is no surprise that this past year has been memorable for Scarlet Hawks around the world!

We witnessed first-hand how exciting the future that we are building together can truly be, and I am confident that we will only add to that momentum as we continue to harness the power of our collective difference.

There is immense value in having the well-rounded edge and innate skill set that is synonymous with Illinois Tech—for students and alumni alike. For more than a century, the Alumni Association has fostered lifelong connections across our global Illinois Tech community—helping alumni build relationships with one another and engage with our students. It is our responsibility, as alumni, to provide mentorship, improve the student experience, and play a critical role in attracting the next generation.

Each and every Scarlet Hawk is an integral part of our mission, and I want to ensure that is felt—both near and far. As chair of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, I want you to know that no matter where you are in the world, what year you graduated, or the industry/field in which you work, you play a critical role in keeping our opportunity engine in motion. Your commitment to our university is as vital as the students filling the seats in our classrooms.

Likewise, I want to share with you some ways that the Alumni Association is re-committing itself to you.

Having recently developed a new strategic plan that is focused on uplifting our community as a whole, one of our top initiatives focuses on volunteerism. An increasing number of alumni volunteers only adds to the ripple effect of our direct, life-changing impact across the entire university and beyond. Through career and professional development opportunities, or helping with recruitment initiatives such as postcard writing, phone calls, attending events, and more, we continue the Illinois Tech legacy—and in turn—support university-wide admissions, Career Services, and mentoring initiatives. And it is easy to get involved! Simply fill out our interest form at www.iit.edu/alumni/volunteer.

We have a vast alumni base—something that is extremely powerful and should be used to our advantage. Earlier this year, I had a delightful dinner with fellow alumni in Paris. Not only were they hungry for the meal that we were soon to enjoy, but they were hungry to connect with Illinois Tech difference-makers like themselves. This opportunity inspired me to ensure that reconnecting and engaging with Scarlet Hawks around the globe was also a priority for the Alumni Association. As such, we have many exciting regional-based events in the works. Specifically, I hope you plan to attend our Global Alumni Gathering scheduled for the first weekend in November in Chicago. Please stay tuned to www.iit.edu/alumni/events/regional for the latest updates.

Each of the initiatives in our strategic plan was crafted based on one foundation: alumni engagement. We are the truest advocates for our students, our university, each other, and the communities that we serve. Together, we can continue to create deeper connections and inspire others. Even in the far-off future, all signs will be traced back to us—the Illinois Tech difference-makers—and our contributions.


Bob Hoel (BE ’70)
Trustee, Board of Trustees
Chair, Alumni Association Board of Directors