The Rice Stuff

By Andrew Connor
Yuta Katsuyama

Yuta Katsuyama (M.Des.+M.B.A. Candidate) saw a problem—the lack of the Japanese staple snack food onigiri, rice balls filled with meat and vegetables, in Chicago—that he thought he could solve with design. Through trial and error, and using the knowledge he gained in Institute of Design courses, Katsuyama found a solution: creating his own business, Onigiri Shuttle Kororin, which launched in July 2020.

Onigiri 101

Shape: Mountain (triangle)

Ingredients: Various rices (usually white) and fillings (cheese, salmon, mushrooms, and more)

Occasion: Day to day, handheld eating, from breakfast to dinner

A.K.A.: Omusubi

Corn Cheese Pepper

Pair with miso soup or daikon radish pickles and unsweetened green tea or a Ramune lemon-lime beverage for a complete meal. Courtesy of Onigiri Shuttle Kororin

Onigiri 101

Photos: Courtesy of Yuta Katsuyama