Illinois Tech Headliners

Margaret Power

“It was an ideal tool for women because the pots symbolized their femininity. But it also was a statement about the lack of food.”

Professor of History Margaret Power, in an article in the Washington Post (originally in Vox) about the use of pots and pans as a traditional form of protest for women from Latin American to Asian countries.

Robert E. Brackett

“With cut fruits and vegetables, you may only have one piece that actually has, say, salmonella or listeria on it. But, when you cut it up and start mixing it, it now cross-contaminates the entire contents of your mixing bowl.”

Professor Robert E. Brackett, director of the Institute for Food Safety and Health, in HuffPost, on why consumers should be cautious regarding the purchase of pre-cut vegetables and fruit.

“This isn’t just a Detroit problem; this is a national problem that is contributing to the racial wealth gap.”

Professor of Law Bernadette Atuahene on the WDET 101.9 FM radio show “Detroit Today,” discussing a #BlackHomesMatter event in Detroit and the city’s continued housing crisis.

Martin H. Malin

“If they’re able to get some significant victories and negotiate some good contracts they can build momentum, [and] they can point to those as they organize workers at other facilities.”

Professor Martin H. Malin, co-director of the Institute for Law and the Workplace at Chicago-Kent College of Law, in an article in the Chicago Tribune on potential unionization within the Illinois cannabis industry.