Rock On

Donald Lucas (CHEM ’72) wants to get a weight off his chest through this admission:
“I would like to confess my role in the burying of the rock between the chemistry building and The Commons. (I assume the statute of limitations has passed.) I read your story about rumors about IIT (“IIT Urban Legends,” Fall 2004), and want to correct the record. We used our IIT training and realized that there was no way we could move it with any campus equipment. I then posed the idea that we bury it instead. A decision was made to have a small group dig a pit next to the rock, have it topple in, and then cover it with dirt. Apparently, it was going well when the rock started toppling into the adjacent pit.  My roommate was in the pit digging, and he barely escaped. Early the next morning, I arrived in Wishnick Hall to watch everyone’s reaction. I especially enjoyed the athletic director’s reaction, as I was a member of the baseball team.”

Here a Rabbit, There a Rabbit

Bernice E. Grunig (M.S. DSGN 69) attended what is now the Sayre Language Academy and Steinmetz College Prep with Hugh Hefner, who, as founder of Playboy magazine, provided comments about the late Art Paul (Institute of Design attendee) for “Mr. Entertainment,” in the spring 2009 issue of IIT Magazine. Paul, Playboy’s first art director, who passed away in 2018, was well known for having created the bowtie rabbit head logo that came to symbolize the magazine. Grunig says that classmate Hefner, “a real character,” himself drew rabbit head doodles during his elementary school days.