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Associate Professor Britt Burton-Freeman

“For people who are at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health risks, knowing what foods have protective benefits and working them into your diet now can be an important strategy for slowing or reversing progression to disease.”


Associate Professor Britt Burton-Freeman, director of the Center for Nutrition Research at the Institute for Food Safety and Health, in EurekAlert!, on her group’s red raspberry study

“The collections tend to give pride and positive feelings, whereas hoarding tends to be associated with stress and disorganization.”

Gregory Chasson, associate professor of psychology, in an article in Gizmodo UK about digital collecting and hoarding.

“Nothing terrible has happened and there have been virtually no serious incidents from tens and hundreds of thousands of drone flights.”

Henry H. Perritt Jr., professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, in a Seattle Times article about the safety of drone deliveries

“Imagine a large organization like Monsanto. A determined hacker has the ability to go in and change the makeup of the seed.”

Maurice E. Dawson, assistant professor and director of the Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education, in an article in London'sThe Times and The Sunday Times about how cyberattacks could impact manufacturing in the United Kingdom