Illinois Tech Headliners

Christopher W. Schmidt

“To be sure, bold protests that attract attention, even if most of it is condemnatory, can play a critical role in creating the conditions for political change.”


Christopher W. Schmidt, Chicago-Kent College of Law professor, in the op-ed “What Trump-Era Protesters Can Learn from the Lunch Counter Sit-Ins of 1960” in USA Today


“It’s a biological phenomenon: Physical activity is good for our mood.”

Michael Young

Michael Young, professor and chair of psychology, in a New York Times article on seasonal affective disorder.

Shlomo Engelson Argamon

“It will give you an answer for almost anything: If you type in the letter ‘A’ 17 times, Google Translate will give you something that looks like a sentence if you squint hard enough.”


Professor of Computer Science Shlomo Engelson Argamon in The Times of Israel discussing cracking the code behind the Voynich Manuscript.