Charles Condes
ME ’42
Harwood Heights, Ill.

Corinne Bieber
HE ’44
Davenport, Iowa

Arthur Uhlir
CHE ’45, M.S. ’48
Weston, Mass.

Robert Durham
ME ’46
Canyon Country, Calif.

Frank Allseits
CHE ’48
Palatine, Ill.

Margaret Stepanek
HE ’48
Henderson, Nev.

John Doering
ME ’49
San Mateo, Calif.

Robert Blumenthal
ME ’50
Glenview, Ill.

Marvin Cohn
EE ’50, M.S. ’53
Boca Raton, Fla.

Richard Rosback
ME ’50
South Bend, Ind.

Kenneth Fulton
EE ’51
Oak Park, Ill.

Walter Fleischer
EE ’51
Aurora, Colo.

Phillip Goodrich
EE ’51
Morris, Ill.

Stanley Hutchison
LL.B. ’51
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Raymond Wilke
CE ’51, M.S. BE ’60
Barrington, Ill. 

Yoshiaki Amino
ME ’52
Evanston, Ill.

Robert Brody
LAW ’53
Lincolnwood, Ill.

Harold Lindahl
M.S. CHE ’53, Ph.D. ’56
Riverside, Ill.

William Meyer
LL.B. ’53
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Carl Olson
FPE ’53

John Smetana
CE ’53
Greenville, S.C.

Frank Caldwell
M.S. ME ’54
West Carrollton, Ohio

Ronald Colaric
CHEM ’54
Joliet, Ill.

William Isley
M.S. GT ’54
Bowie, Md.

Ralph Daehn
ME ’55, MET ’68
Clancy, Mont.

William Meyers
EE ’55
Sun Lakes, Ariz.

Martin Fohrman
CE ’56
Walnut Creek, Calif.

Jerry Pollak
ARCH ’56
Van Nuys, Calif.

Felix Satikas
CHE ’56
Winter Springs, Fla.

Lambros Pappas
ME ’57, M.S. ’59
Glenview, Ill.

Clyde McKerlie
ME ’59
Palatine, Ill.

Roy Mondike
LAW ’60
Sutherlin, Ore.

Ralph Murphy
IE ’60
Berwyn, Penn.

William Kaulfuss
M.S. DSGN ’62
Northfield, Ill.

Robert Knudsen
CHE ’62
Chester Springs, Penn.

Paul Verson
MATH ’63
Florissant, Mo.

George Kriz
IE ’64
Neenah, Wis.

John Waeltz
ME ’64
Belleville, Ill.

Albert Beaver
LL.B. ’65
De Pere, Wis.

Harvey Meyers
LAW ’65
Marengo, Ill.

Robert Nielsen
FPE ’65
Oak Forest, Ill.

David Ballard
ME ’66
Plymouth, Wis.

Leonard Franklin
MATH ’66
Stuart, Fla.

Charles Kindregan
LAW ’66

Thomas Rajkovich
M.S. DSGN ’69
Griffith, Ind.

Paul Nees
BE ’70
Crete, Ill.

John Fitzgerald
Ph.D. CHEM ’72
Thornton, Colo.

Robert Haskins
M.S. IE ’73
Woodstock, Ill.

Jerry Goldberg
LAW ’76
Lake Bluff, Ill.

James Adinamis
LAW ’83

James Marth
ME ’83
Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Cihijuia Wu
Ph.D. CS ’96
San Jose, Calif.

Cynthia Sherman
LAW ’97
Bay Minette, Ala.

Hayley Carlton
M.S. MCOM ’03

Emily Armstrong (née Frederick)
LAW ’08
Worthington, Ohio




Harris Levee
(ME ’49), Gaithersburg, Md., worked on the Manhattan Project in various capacities—as an engineer and as a team member responsible for both ensuring project secrecy and obtaining patent rights from scientists such as Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard. After the project ended, Levee supervised the construction of the USS Nautilus nuclear-powered submarine and several coal-fired, electric-generating stations in India. He then became vice president of Norair Engineering, Inc. before forming his own company, Halco Engineering, Inc. Read a 2015 IIT Magazine feature on Levee at

Irving Gottesman (PSYC ’53), Edina, Minn., was considered a pioneer in the field of behavioral genetics. Along with a colleague, he conducted a seminal study of schizophrenia in British twins in the 1960s. The study provided compelling evidence of a genetic component in the illness and provided valuable insight into the relationship between genetics and environmental factors, and its effect on human behavior. Raymond F. Johnson (ARCH ’53) sent word to IIT Magazine about his “dearest old friend of 68 years” and this memory: “We met in 1948 on the track team. By 1954 I was on the ground in Korea and Irving was on a ship in Korean waters. Finally home, we began lives in our own professions but always stayed in touch.”

Otto Harding
(PHYS ’53), Hingham, Mass., had a longtime career at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a professor emeritus of nuclear engineering and served as director of the MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab from 1976–1996. Harling made numerous contributions to physics research and ensured that nuclear engineers and scientists at MIT had stimulating educational opportunities.

Ernest Selig (M.S. MECH ’60, Ph.D. CE ’64), Pelham, Mass., made numerous and pioneering contributions to engineering since his days as an Illinois Tech graduate student. As part of a group headed by Keith McKee (CE ’50, M.S. ’56, Ph.D. ’62) at IIT Research Institute, Selig and his colleagues worked on soil technology projects that included determining the source of a ground shift that occurred during the construction of Chicago’s John Hancock Center. Over the course of his career, Selig also worked on projects focused on the United States Air Force C-5A transport plane, bomb shelters, moon dust, and railroad beds.


Emeritus Faculty

Howard Rubin
College of Science Emeritus Professor of Physics, River Forest, Ill., explored neutrino oscillations and participated in Fermilab’s Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search (MINOS) experiment. He was also a member of the international collaboration known as Double Chooz, which utilized reactors of the Chooz [France] Nuclear Power Plant as a source of neutrinos.