Slide Rules Rule

George Bob (TD ’63), Grand Rapids, Michigan, shared his copy of the spring 2019 issue of Illinois Tech Magazine with James R. Carr, a professional engineer who sent the magazine a letter about his slide rule memories that were prompted by the article “Giant Slipstick Returns to Mies Campus.” Carr says that his father (who worked with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a contractor) gave him his first K&E slide rule in about 1939. His wife sent him a 7-inch K&E Doric Model 9069 in 1951 while he served with the United States Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3 Seabees in the Aleutian Islands; he still uses it today as a retiree. Carr recommends that slide rule fans read the article “Lament for the Slide Rule” by Robert Kanigel, which first appeared in Johns Hopkins Magazine in the late 1970s.

Who Dat?

A photo of retired faculty who visited Mies Campus for an annual luncheon prompted a question from Bob Rohde (M.S. PHYS ’67, Ph.D. ’70). What are their names? In case other readers were wondering the same thing, here is the photo again with the addition of names and in some cases, fields of discipline: 

[Left to right] Tammy Lezotte (guest); Daniel Lezotte (psychology); Robert Irving (biology and physics); Margaret Huyck (psychology); Elaine Harrington (guest); Kevin Harrington (architecture); John Kallend (mechanical engineering); Cesar Sciammarella (mechanical, materials, and aerospace engineering; civil engineering); Jay Fisher (CHE ’63); George Koutsogiannakis (computer science); Porter Johnson (physics); Marietta Land (guest); Peter Land (architecture); Jon Gorham (business); Vincent Turitto (biomedical engineering)