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Brent Stephens


“It’s long been thought of as an indicator of how bad the air in a space might be.”


Brent Stephens, associate professor of architectural engineering, commenting on carbon dioxide levels in a room in a New York Times article about studies on the importance of indoor air quality.

“It’s an incredibly fine line. You can be infringing on a patent without even knowing.”

Assistant Professor of Law Greg Reilly in Automotive News, discussing lawsuits filed against Ford Motor Co. in cases where it has been accused of developing copycat programs and parts.

“If you can conceptually separate banana-ness from costume-ness, then the banana may be copyrightable. If I sculpted a banana, I could copyright it, but if it’s simply a costume, I cannot.”

Mickie A. Piatt

Associate Professor of Law Mickie A. Piatt in The Guardian, in an article on a judge’s ruling over two banana costumes that are too similar in appearance.

Alissa Haedt-Matt

“What the research has shown is that even the ability to retouch, to use filters, to alter one’s body size or shape does not make people feel better about their appearance.”


Assistant Professor of Psychology Alissa Haedt-Matt, who was interviewed on WGN9 Morning News in the Medical Watch segment “The Impact of Selfies on Your Self-Esteem” for National Selfie Day on June 21.