Alumnus Spotlight

Darryll Schiff (DSGN '72)

By Marcia Faye
Schiff Darryll

Darryll Schiff (DSGN ’72), Chicago

Fine art artist/photographer whose 24’x56’ mural “Descending into Heaven” can be viewed through January 2017 at 710 South Wabash in Chicago, courtesy of the Wabash Arts Corridor.

List three characteristics that identify a photograph as a Darryll Schiff fine art piece.
There is boldness and richness in the colors and even in the pictures that are more black and white. A lot of movement is present. Numerous times my work has been described as painterly, which I have realized is a very apt description, both in the way I approach my work and in the final imagery.

What is the most pivotal concept you learned at the New Bauhaus—the Institute of Design—that helped to form or add to your artistic foundation?
There really were two things that stand out. First, is the classical Bauhaus training, and then, in the photography department, being encouraged to be creative and to experiment. With both there was a strong emphasis on and the expectation of showing high technical ability.

Describe one of the digital techniques you regularly employ in your prints.
The digital technique is really an ability to use, but not overuse, Photoshop, even though I spend many hours on a print. Generally, 90+ percent of what I do is done in the camera.

How do you arrive at the themes for your print groupings?
I immerse myself in a project and generally have two or three going on simultaneously, each varying from three to four and up to 18 different pictures. There is a central theme that may arise from something I see walking down the street to a deep feeling about our human existence.