Slideshow: The Quiet Season - Winter on IIT Main Campus

By Marcia Faye
Red, White, and Blue
A lone walker in red provides vibrant contrast to a snow-surrounded S. R. Crown Hall, home to IIT College of Architecture.
All Photos by Dan Kasberger
Reflection in the Village
The winter sun is reflected in the tinted windows of State Street Village student housing.
Snow Patina
A layer of snow adds a new color toConcurrence, the sculpture at the entrance to Paul V. Galvin Library.
Hurry Spring
Bicycles mired in drifts near Wishnick Hall await the big thaw.
A Pop of Color
IIT promotional banners add pizzazz to a predominantly monochromatic landscape.
Steel Under Snow
Even while supporting snowflakes, the orange-red American Institute of Steel Construction Steel Sculpture serves as a valuable teaching aid that illustrates various methods of steel framing and their corresponding connections. More than 100 of these sculptures, such as this one off Footlik Lane, can be found at colleges and universities across the country.
The Eyes of Mies
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as depicted in The McCormick Tribune Campus Center door motif, seems to be watching the students navigate the campus’s plowed paths.
One’s Own Path
Whether for snow day fun or a spirit of adventure, one person took the road less traveled outside Main Building.
White Dogwood Wanna-Be
Snow fallen in clumps on a bare tree outside Hermann Hall resembles one in full bloom.
Man for All Seasons
The Man on a Bench sculpture in Morton Park maintains a constant vigil, as winter will assuredly yield to spring.